Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun In The Sun!!

We were so excited to be able to join my family for our traditional family week at the beach! AND to be able to introduce our daughter to the sand and the surf! She was not such a big fan at first, but by the end of the week, she was enjoying it along with the rest of them. When we first arrived, it was very windy and she did not like the wind in her face or the stuff we call SAND on her feet! But by the end of the week , she was even EATING it!!

Notice the towel she is sitting on....she wouldn't sit on the sand!

The kiddie pool on the deck was more her speed at first!!
I couldn't resist this hula suit for my little sunshine!

Graham and Lottie hangin' ten!!!

Noah and Corrie hangin' ten a little closer to shore!

My 4 treasures having Fun in the Sun!!!

More beach posts coming soon!!!!