Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 Years and Counting...

Corrie Sifan Rose

She soaks up every ounce of life and then gives it back as she pours out her joy on all she meets….

She has now been home with her forever family  just over 2 years, yet it seems like a lifetime,  as none of us can imagine our family with her not in the mix…she truly completes us!!

She looks up to her big sister and tries to do everything she does. But she also enjoyed the one on one mommy time when big sister went off to kindergarten this year…



        She loves her family to pieces and from day one…seemed to find her place in the mix. She is quick to show affection both verbally and physically. She will pronounce “I love you sooooo much” followed by a kiss on the cheek…

                                                       Celebrating her 3rd birthday!!

                                     Always loving any kind of celebration with her family!

                 She is exuberant and joyful, strong-willed and independent…a pure delight!!


                                     She loves her siblings fiercely, and they simply adore her….

        She is proud to be an American, but she loves her “Opia” as she refers to the land of her birth!


        No doubt this little one was heaven sent to her forever family and we are forever grateful!!

Placed in our arms forever on June 19, 2010

*the above is an excerpt from her 2 year update