Sunday, September 5, 2010

By The Ocean Shore

Each year during our family beach week we take on the dreaded task of capturing a family photo by the ocean shore. It's a good thing the memories fade of the chaos that always seems to ensue around this tradition, and we are left with pictures of smiling faces and a few out takes to document the chaos! It was extremely humid this year and my lense fogged up at first!! So my one good picture of the 4 kiddos is a bit hazy, but I can't resist posting a pic of  these 4 smiling faces!

The haze on my camera lens cleared and then the wind picked up!!! But we still captured this one of the whole crew!!

Lottie ventured down to the water to stick her toes in!! She just couldn't resist!!

And never passing up an opportunity to pose for the camera....

Corrie was done with the whole picture thing and decided to play in the sand...(which she would have no part of at the beginning of the week)

The older cousins....they really are like brothers and sisters...Anna Scott is one year younger than the boys...and Baxley is one year younger than her...

My sister managed to capture a beautiful family photo too...

And a few unique photos of her kiddos...

Emmie is their youngest...a year younger than Lottie...

Yes, we made footprints in the sand and memories for the heart!


Slippin' And Slidin'

The older cousins always enjoy going to "Magic Mountain" one day during our beach week, where they can slip and slide a few hours away in the summer heat!

They always have so much fun together!!!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Down at the Docks

One night during our family beach week each year, we go out to eat seafood. We usually end up at Betty's. This is a nearby restaurant down at the docks on the intercoastal waterway. The kids enjoy watching the boats come and go and the fried shrimp and crab cake sandwiches are yummy!!

The whole crew while waiting for our table

Ta Da!!!
 After dinner, we head to play putt-putt! This is a family affair with all 7 children and 6 adults parading through the 18 holes!

Nothing like COUSINS!!!

Noah lining it up!

Graham preparing to sink it!

Graham winning his Free Pepsi!

Lottie gets in on the action!

Corrie prefers a pony ride!

And Lottie decides she must ride too!

The older cousins

The younger set

She had to pose in front of the waterfall too!

Corrie enjoyed hanging out with Daddy...

And Mommy!!

As the evening was drawing to a close , I experimented with taking some close ups of the kids...still only using the automatic mode. I don't know what to do with the manual setting...maybe I will learn one day!!

I pray that they will ALL have vivid memories of a warm summer's evening spent down at the docks and playing on the island with their cousins. Sweet memories indeed!!